Exercises done in groups of three. Incidentally George Simmel in early 20th century says that everything changes when you go from 1 to 2 people (a dyad), and then again going from 2 to 3 (a triad). He said that because at 3 people it’s the first time you can be outvoted :) Check it out.

Arrange your chairs so that you can see each other’s screens. That means sitting kinda back to back, which is unnatural but you do want to easily see what each other are seeing

Cheatsheet picture

Basic forking workflow setup

  1. Group of three: Maintainer, Contributor A, Contributor B.

  2. Maintainer creates new repository on github.

  3. Contributor A and Contributor B log into github, find the new repository created by Maintainer and fork it.

Image showing fork button in top right

  1. Maintainer, Contributor A, Contributor B should all clone their individual repo to their laptop. Everyone will have their own username in the URL. You can quickly copy that with this button on github.